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Celebrate Your Heritage

Video Project: Make three videos for the client contains their stories

I produced three videos for a client called Portmanteau Home. It's the only woman-owned company that creates multicultural home decor. My goal was to share their stories through video storytelling class.

0. Proposal

I made proposal to get confirm my filming schedule and concept to my client. I focused on the brand message, Celebrate your heritage. Our client want the audiences to focus more on products than her story. I tried to find the reference fits with her needs.

1. Subject Matter Expert (SME) Video

I made tutorial videos for one of my client's products. She wants to have DIY kits because she wants her product to bring customers’ families together and talk about their heritages. She thought that DIY kit is great activities to do together.

2. Promotional Video

My customer wants not only to stretch out to the younger generation of her audience but also to grow her Instagram business account(online store). I produced a vertical video that could use to promote social media.

3. Mini Documentary

It's a story includes the background and meaning of the brand. 

Video Content Distribution Plan Presentation

This is the presentation for the client: how they can use my video, where can upload and suggestions for future content.

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