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Translation and Localization

Feb 2024 - Now

Korean Language Brand Copywriter at Ruggable

Strategically manage Korean language, culture, and stylistic elements in all copies and creatives, ensuring alignment with brand standards and audience preferences.

  • Expertly translate English to Korean with creative flair and maintain the voice and tone of the brand.

  • Ensure the quality and accuracy of Korean language translations

  • Created and shared creative guidelines for the Korean language

Apr 2024 - Now

Marketing Strategist, Korean Community Service Center

  • Developed impactful campaign messaging to support Korean-Americans in overcoming the cultural stigma surrounding mental health and promote mental health awareness.

  • Designed and produced engaging creatives, including posters and short videos, to effectively promote the campaign.

May 2024 

Bilingual Support,  360 SMART LINGO

  • • Bilingual Assistance: Provide friendly and efficient assistance to conference attendees in both English and Korean
    • Problem Solving: Address any issues or concerns promptly and professionally with the help of SEIU staff.
    • Collaboration: Work closely with fellow team members to create a positive experience for all attendees and SEIU staff.

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