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Behind Closed Doors

Video: Personal Leadership Profile

Song by Han.

Directed by Ann.

Mixed by Xuanda, drums by Gia Hy.

We all can become leaders; once we rumble with our vulnerability, navigate anxiety into confidence, give ourselves permission to be our best, to make mistakes, to learn, and begin uplifting those around us, we are on the path to leadership. Behind Closed Doors, meetings are taking place, decisions are being made. Fighting that imposter syndrome, we rightfully belong to be at the table, to be ourselves, speak for ourselves, and our experiences. We don't need to look like the president, act like a superstar, pretend to be someone we are not. Because the best leader, is the person we are now!


We are at the door, and all we have to do, is take off our shoes. Welcome. . .

Preparation and Planning (PDF)

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